Hybrid Acoustic Technology System (HATs)

Hybrid Acoustic Technology System (HATs) is an advanced diagnostic and assessment technique to study reliability of a specific object or asset. It is a combination of advanced acoustic emission detection, complementary with other NDT method and advanced analysis & assessment technique to offer a comprehensive Asset Life Study (ALS). HATs employ acoustic measurement through capturing released energy from deforming defects. The energy originates from sudden movement in stressed materials itself, which emits out through the structure and excites highly sensitive sensors. HATs provides real time-data on diagnosed objects irrespective of the state of usage. It is applied ideally to assets that are in operation where various damage mechanisms are present and naturally occurring

HATs Inspection Coverage

Maximum 2 kilometers length end to end inspection per run for piping, pipeline or tubulars. Maximum 200 meters one end inspection per run for piping, pipeline or tubulars,Variable volume per run for tank or pressure vessel